UniPhoto PhotoNORM


UniPhoto application has been launched in 2014 for an innovative project by UniCredit Bank: the "FLEXIA" revolving credit card. The project involved the most prestigious partners, such as HID Global for a customizable holographic media and related encoders, Gemalto fot the card production and the holographic patch application and Matica AG for the personalization equipment. It uses the same philosophy of any other applications of our line: no training needed, no skills required, cost-effective for any kind of ID, badge, card issuance project. Nowadays PhotoNorm Enroll took his place but we will never forget the first milestone in the automated picture normalization technique. No training needed, just a "click" and go!

Before using the online demo or download the demo application we suggest downloading our set of sample images, which is intended to show a few "regular" samples and some more images which are not usable unless optimized by our normalization process, as shown above. B&W and color algorithms are meant to produce different results, so please, test both of them. The application doesn't require a setup but both a password and an activation code are required to run the program. Technical instructions are provided in the zip file.

Desktop demos are available for Windows platforms only

They don't require a setup but we need to send you a specific activation license for each workstation (up to 90 days days trial). 

Online demos have some limitations due to our temporary demo server architecture. The license loading time may respond slowly. Those demo applications are also available for desktop computers only (Windows, OsX, Linux) through any browser. An Android app can be available upon request.